Hello, friends, and welcome to The Financial Journeymana personal finance blog about my journey toward financial independence (FI) and goal of reaching early retirement (FIRE).  My posts are about saving money, investingbeing frugal, travel, finding good deals when you do spend money, avoiding debt, and having a great time along the journey.  

Are you interested in breaking the chains of having to work for a living?  Do you dream of being free?  Being free to live without the restraints of having to earn a paycheck was what first motivated me to reach financial independence. 

Do you want to build wealth and retire early?  Wealth equals freedom.  Early retirement is the opportunity to live on your terms.  

Do you want to spend your time perusing your passions?  Imagine having the time to be able to pursue your dreams.  What is standing in your way?  For most people it is money.  Financial independence is the bridge that connects individuals to a lifestyle of their own design.   

Do you want the freedom of choice as to how you will send your days?  Imagine the possibilities.  You can be free to escape the rat-race and live how you want.  

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you‘ve found the right personal finance blog.  I am obsessed with being free.  I think of it on a daily basis.  It has been a goal of mine for many years.  

I, the author of The Financial Journeyman, have never worked for an investment company.  My day job is working for a not-for-profit and my wife is an elementary school teacher.  Personal finance, however, is my passion because, by mastering it, I’m able to achieve my own version of the American Dream. 

My journey toward financial independence started in 1997. I was 20 years old, working hard in a factory during the day while attending college at night. The long days at the factory shaped my work ethic. It also allowed me to earn decent money.

While performing manual labor paid well, it was not the life I wanted. I dreamed of being free, of not having to wake up to the sound of an alarm clock. I dreamed of having enough money that would allow me to spend my days reading, exercising, fishing, traveling, maybe running a small business, and trying to help others.

To reach my goal, I knew that I needed to become educated in investing and to become an expert in personal finances, I bought a book on investing, The Richest Man in Babylonby George Samuel Clason, because it looked like a quick read.  I also bought Charles Schwab’s Charles Schwab’s New Guide to Financial Independence because– the title said it all to me.

Saving money came naturally to me, but Clason’s book of parables taught me that saving money was the first ingredient in building wealth. Charles Schwab’s guide taught me that mutual funds are a great way for personal investors to build wealth.  I continued to read as much as possible and learned that index funds were the best option for individual investors due to low fees.

While working at the factory, I managed to save 25% of my pay.  I invested that money primarily in index mutual funds.  It did not take long for my savings to add up.

Along with formally studying business in college, I began to study investing and personal finance on my own.  When I was not studying a textbook for an exam, I was reading an investment book.  My approach towards investing was shaped by the teachings of Jack Bogle and my approach to saving money was shaped by the research conducted by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley.

After finishing college with minimal debt, I started my career in business.  I have held positions in Marketing, Government Affairs, and Human Resources.  I went back to graduate school and earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management.  I used that advanced degree to transition into a management position with a greater salary.

In 2007, I married my best friend.  We are both now on the journey toward financial independence.  We purchased a small house, save more than 50% of our salaries, and live a frugal life because we crave financial freedom more than material possessions.

I have been on the journey toward financial independence for many years. There has never been a time along this journey where I have felt deprived because my high savings rate prevented me from buying something that I wanted.  I truly want for nothing. I want nothing other than having enough wealth to live life on my own terms.

I’m also passionate about helping other people reach their financial goals.  It’s rewarding to mentor others and watch them thrive.  It’s awesome to hear that someone has become debt free, established an emergency fund, opened a Roth IRA, maxed out their 401K, or set a goal date as to when he or she will retire early. 

The journey toward reaching financial independence and early retirement is amazing.  I want to share this journey with like-minded people who want to live more and work less.  I decided to create this blog because I want both to help people reach their goals and learn from their experiences.  I truly hope to build a community of people working toward financial independence.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey toward financial independence. Our projected retirement date to is set for December of 2028. Check out the rest of the blog and read the posts. If you like a post, please comment on the post and share it on social media.  If you want to stay current with posts, subscribe and you can have the newest posts sent to your email address.

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