Blog Report: Fourth Quarter 2017

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read how The Financial Journeyman has performed during the fourth quarter of 2017 in this blog report.  It has been exciting creating and developing this blog.  This is the first time that I have ever created a blog.  There have been some ups and downs, but it has been mostly a positive learning experience.

My journey toward financial independence started a long time ago in 1997.  Over the course of this journey, I have had little interaction with others who share the same goals of being financially independent and ultimately retiring early.  My journey has primarily been reading and applying what I have learned to build our current nest egg.

In 2017, I have come out of isolation and joined the financial independence community.  It has been fun to interact with like-minded people.  I have had the opportunity to chat with great people online and I even had the opportunity to meet a few in person.  I am truly looking forward to growing my network, fine-tuning my own financial plan, and hopefully helping others along the way.

At the end of the fourth quarter, The Financial Journeyman turned 9 months old.  This is the second post about performance metrics.  There was not a post for the first quarter.  Both the first and second quarterly report was provided in the Six-Month Blog Review.  Below are the performance metrics for the fourth quarter of 2017 provided by Google Analytics:


  • Sessions – 935
  • Users – 716
  • Page views – 1,588
  • Pages/Session – 1.70
  • Avg. Session Duration – 1:37
  • Bounce Rate – 67.91%
  • % New Sessions – 69.09%


  • Sessions – 2,806
  • Users – 2,468
  • Page views – 3,668
  • Pages/Session – 1.31
  • Avg. Session Duration – 00:56
  • Bounce Rate 83.54%
  • % New Sessions – 77.83


  • Sessions – 945
  • Users – 745
  • Page views – 1,633
  • Pages/Session – 1.73
  • Avg. Session Duration -1:40
  • Bounce Rate – 70.58%
  • % New Sessions – 70.90%

Totals Q4

  • Sessions – 4,686
  • Users – 3,787
  • Page views – 6,889
  • Pages/Session – 1.47
  • Avg. Session Duration – 1: 13
  • Bounce Rate – 77.81%
  • % New Sessions – 74.69%

Totals Q4 vs Q3

  • Sessions – (83)
  • Users – 203
  • Pageviews – (363)
  • Pages/Session – (0.11)
  • Avg. Session Duration – 00:25
  • Bounce Rate – (1.95)
  • % New Sessions – (1.16) 


The Financial Journeyman is a monetized website.  The sole reason is to cover expenses.  Without sharing my financial records, this blog has lost money in 2017.  In other words, there were more expenses than earnings.

My long-term financial goal for The Financial Journeyman is to break even at some point in the distant future.  When this blog does become profitable, those profits will be reinvested into improving the blog.

The advice that I have for anyone who wants to start a blog is to do it because you want to write and interact with other people in your space.  If your goal is to have a blog for a major revenue source, it will take time.  If you do not love blogging, it will be hard for it to be sustainable if you are only motivated by money.  That is at least my experience.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, I have only made a few minor changes to advertising.  I have started using and advertising for HostGator.  I have dropped the Pepperjam Network.  I am still using Google AdSense and Amazon Associates.  Below are the performance metrics for all three networks:

Amazon Associates – $0.40

Google AdSense – $8.57

FlexOffers – $100.00

HostGator – $75.00

Top Traffic Sources Q4 – 1,590

Direct – 1,327

Twitter – 354

Google – 631

Rockstar (Directory) – 207

Rockstar (Forums) – 179

Top Posts and Pages Q4

Keep Your Hands off my 401K (Rockstar Finance Featured Post)

Writing a Financial Plan

How we reached a $1,000,000 Net Worth

My Uncle Xavier: Veteran, Millionaire, Mentor

Warning: The Holiday Party Can Kill Your Career

Twitter Q4

Twitter is the only social media platform that I am active on.  I have read and researched many other platforms, but Twitter is a good fit for me.  It works well with my anonymous status.  There are also a large number of authors from the personal finance space on Twitter.

Following – 4,891

Followers – 2,413

Tweets – 2,854

Likes –  2,878

Modest Money

I have submitted my blog to the Modest Money list of bloggers in October.  I was initially ranked at #712 but quickly climbed to #365.  My blog fluctuates between #365 and #381.

Modest Money has given me new insight into how my blog ranks in terms of traffic score, social media, and SEO.  These are all helpful metrics to work on improving as my blog grows.  It is also helpful to see where my blog ranks in comparisons to other personal finance blogs.

Ranking for Top Finance Blogs – #381

Traffic Score – 37.67

Social Media Score – 47.98

SEO Score – 33.65

Total Score – 39.77

Email Marketing

One of my goals for 2018 is to focus on increasing the number of email subscribers.  Currently, there are only 29. If you like this blog, please subscribe to the email list.  I only publish once per week on average and will not overwhelm you with content.


Thank you again for taking the time to read about how The Financial Journeyman is progressing.  The next quarterly report will also be the one-year anniversary of this blog.  I hope that I can provide you with some strong performance metrics at that point.  Until then, my goal is to keep doing my best to write about my experiences on this amazing journey and to meet more people along the way.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


11 thoughts on “Blog Report: Fourth Quarter 2017

  1. JoeHx

    I always enjoy these types of blog reports as I tend to compare it to the performance of my own blogs. You’ve done pretty well, much better than mine.

    I’ll have to check out that Modest Money list.

  2. Steveark

    I think you are doing great. I just started and although I’m signed up to the Rockstar Directory it isn’t picking up my posts yet, still working on that. My site probably won’t be monetized because I have more paid side gigs than I need already and I really don’t need an income anymore, not that it isn’t fun to earn money. I can see why trying to get the site to break even would make sense for me as well but right now it is an insignificant cost to get to play at being a creative type. If I ever get to where you are I’ll be pretty happy, thanks for sharing good information.

    1. thefinancialjourneyman Post author

      Thanks. I appreciate the feedback.

      Rockstar Finance is a great resource.

      My first goal in terms of monetization is to break even.

      After that goal, whatever money the blog makes I plan on reinvesting it into making the blog better.

      I see this blog as a long-term project.

      I still get excited when there is a comment or if someone signs up to receive an email for my new posts.

  3. Amy @ LifeZemplified

    Congrats on making it this far, Dave. I’ve found it is not as easy as you think it will be, but it’s far more rewarding. I started mid-February 2017, so I’ll be doing some type of one year post soon. Keep up the good work!


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