Six Month Blog Review

Thank you for taking the time to read about my first 6-months as a personal finance blogger.  I have read that reaching the 6-month point is a major milestone because it is when many bloggers call it quits.  The past 6-months have gone by in a flash.  Creating The Financial Journeyman has been an educational experience.  Other than being a learning experience, it was fun to try to be creative and to watch the blog develop.

What I have most enjoyed about creating this blog is the interaction with other bloggers in the personal finance space.  Everyone has been friendly.  Whenever I reached out to someone with a question, they have always been willing to assist if they were able to do so.  It is such a great experience to be part of a community that is working towards helping others to improve their financial situation.

Along the way, I have interacted with people from many different walks of life and who are in different financial situations.  There are moms who blog about their family finances, Asian finance bloggers, Millennials, Gen-Xers, Baby-Boomers, and Professionals.  There are blogs that focus on getting out of debt, budgets, dividends, index fund investing, financial independence, and early retirement.

Launching the Blog

I did not know what to expect with this blog.  I do not classify myself as being technically savvy, but more along the lines of technically functional.  My blog was created and launched on April 8th, 2017.  My good friend, Tim @timtekk volunteered a whole Saturday of his time to build the blog.  Without him, this blog would not exist.  He is also my go-to guy when my Word Press plugins are not working correctly.

My First Post

The first post that I published was about how my grandmother taught me about money when I was just a boy.  I did not know if anyone would ever read it.  The post was only about a day old and it received a comment.  The first comment that I received was from @My_Sons_Father.  He gave me encouragement and I appreciated that.  A few weeks later, J. Money commented on the post.  I was taken aback knowing that J. Money stumbled across my new blog that had only 3 posts at the time.  That motivated me to keep at it.

Performance Metrics

The first few months of traffic was slow.  Traffic did pick-up, however, after I became more involved in The Rockstar Finance Forum.  My big spike in traffic came when I joined the “chain gang” for the Drawdown Strategy.  By being active in Rockstar Finance, I have been able to interact with many great people.  September was my best month because I had a post featured on    Below are the traffic metrics for the past 6 months:


  • Pageviews – 415
  • Sessions – 228
  • Pageviews/Sessions – 1.82


  • Page views – 645
  • Sessions – 323
  • Pageviews/Sessions – 2


  • Page views – 1,325
  • Sessions – 711
  • Pageviews/Sessions – 1.86


  • Page views – 1,980
  • Sessions – 1,062
  • Pageviews/Sessions – 1.86


  • Page views – 1,450
  • Sessions – 821
  • Pageviews/Sessions – 1,76


  • Page views – 3,822
  • Sessions – 2,720
  • Pageviews/Sessions – 1.40


In the first six months, I have joined Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, The Pepperjam Network, and CJ.  Below are the metrics for the past six months:

Amazon Associates – $13.35

Google AdSense – $19.30

Pepperjam – $0.00

CJ – $0.00

The earnings have not been great.  However, Jim @RouteToRetire explained that this is a process that takes time.  The monetization goals for this blog are primarily based on paying for expenses and sustainability.

Top Traffic Sources – 1,770

Direct – 950

Twitter – 363

Google – 304 – 114 – 79

Top Posts and Pages

How the Mob Influenced My Asset Allocation – 2,055

Home Page – 272

Blog Page – 259

Early Retirement Portfolio & Plan – 135

The Aldi Experience – 91

About Me – 82


Prior to launching The Financial Journeyman, I had a twitter account but only used it for following financial writers, a few financial bloggers, and mainly my favorite sports teams.  Twitter has been a source of my relative success.  I have used to communicate with many of the top financial bloggers.  My Twitter metrics are:

Following – 4,406

Followers – 2,005

Tweets – 1,713

Likes – 2,110


I waited six months to publish any type of metrics on my blog.  Moving forward, I am going to publish a quarterly blog performance report.  These types of posts are not my favorite to write because I feel like I am creating a report for my boss.  However, I do feel that publishing these reports are a great way to track progress, celebrate success, and motivate others.  There have been a few other big moments for The Financial Journeyman, but they were not metrics driven.  I will write more about them on my end of year review post in late December.

How do my metrics compare to your first six months of blogging?

Do you think my blog is heading in the right direction?

25 thoughts on “Six Month Blog Review

  1. Actuaryonfire

    That looks like really solid sustainable growth to me, but I’m no expert! Six months is a really watershed and another six months should be within reach, right? I enjoyed the Mob post btw. Keep it up!

  2. The Luxe Strategist

    Congrats on making it 6 months! I think you’re about a week younger than me 🙂 Nice job growing consistently. You also have twice as many Twitter followers than me 🙂

    I also agree that the best part is interacting with other bloggers. I mean, who would have thought I’d be creating a virtual bake-off contest on Twitter?

  3. Working Optional

    That’s a nice growth trajectory and an impressive twitter following in only 6 months! I’m not a fan of writing blog performance reports either – maybe I will be when I have impressive numbers to show 😉

    Keep it up!

  4. Steven Goodwin

    Nice growth! By the way it took me more than a year to earn that in Google AdSense Revenue. I would look into MyFinance for ad Revenue though, as they work to only publish more finance related ads on the site and have been working pretty well for me. They are supposed to be at FinCon this year if you’re going, too! Also, your traffic is doing really well. Keep focusing on building relationships and connecting to people and you will see it grow more and more! Keep up the good work!

    1. thefinancialjourneyman Post author

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I reached out to MyFinance and my blog does not have enough traffic to meet their min requirements.

      As soon at it does, I will sign-up.

      I am not going to FinCon this year, but am planning on attending next year.

  5. TheLady

    Hey, looking good to me! I track my metrics but haven’t put together a “report” yet. (counts on fingers) I guess I better get on that! (My 6-months is coming up!) Emotionally, I’ve had some ups and downs in that time but, like you, I just fell in love with the community. I get far more back than I offer up! Congrats on 6 months!

  6. Adam @ Minafi

    Nice job! You’re already making more on your blog than me haha. Nice job getting to over a 1,000 views really fast too. The number of sites I’ve created that I gave up on before getting to that number is embarrassingly high, so I know how much work it takes.


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