The K.I.S.S. Approach

The K.I.S.S. Approach to Financial Independence

The journey toward financial independence is not always easy, but it is simple.

Remember to practice The Financial Journeyman’s K.I.S.S approach to financial independence.

No, K.I.S.S. does not stand for Keep it Simple, Stupid-This is a positive blog, no name calling allowed!

Here, K.I.S.S. stands for Keep it Simple Spiritually.

Don’t get freaked out, Spiritually means something different to everyone.

In this context, Spiritually simply means to be honest and to have the faith to follow a process.

Please see below:

* Select a career that is both financially lucrative and matches your aptitudes.

* Get the best education at the lowest cost.

* Become an expert in your field and commit to a lifetime of learning.

* Embrace technology and the change it brings.

* Balance your time at work with the time you spend with family or friends.

* Find a partner that shares the same goal of reaching Financial Independence.

* Avoid debt.

* If you buy a house, buy one that is far less than you can afford.

* If you need a car, buy a model that is high quality and economical.

* Save more than you spend.

* Invest in low-cost index funds.

* Select an asset allocation that matches your age and risk tolerance.

* Strive to contribute the max to your tax-deferred accounts.

* Keep a few months of expenses in cash.

* Track your financial progress every six months.

* Spend money wisely on what you truly enjoy.

* Find hobbies that are prudent, pleasurable, and can be turned into a side gig.

* Be creative by trying to do more with less.

* Be grateful for what you have and help others.

* Take care of your health.

If you follow The Financial Journeyman’s K.I.S.S. approach, you will increase your wealth and find enjoyment in the process.