The year is quickly coming to an end.  It has been an exciting year for me.  From a financial standpoint, it was my first year as a dedicated travel hacker.  Travel hacking is a great way for people to be rewarded for spending money in the form of lucrative sign-on bonuses.  Most of these bonuses are paid in the form of points. In the past, I would just use my bank point’s card.  That would provide me with about $500
Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.  I recently received a rather complicated question from one of the frequent readers of this blog.  His question was about how he could buy an SPIA inside a Traditional IRA account. The question came from a reader named Bill.  Bill provided me with a good amount of information about his financial situation.  Since I am not a financial advisor, I told Bill that I do not give financial
When it comes to getting the most value for your money, it makes sense to measure the opportunity costs linked to where your money is being dispensed.  Opportunity costs are based on a theory from microeconomics.  It is based on making decisions that provide the best value for your money. Many economic theories are just theories to the average person.  They are discussed in the classroom or in the financial media, but the average individual investor does not receive
When it comes to where people rank on an economic level, the vast majority of people think that they are middle class, but they are not.  The single mother with two children and an income of $25,000 thinks that she is middle class.  The CEO of a small business who earns over $400,000 thinks that he is middle class.  While most people are working hard, everybody cannot be middle class. I think that everybody thinks
I recently came across an interesting tool to empower individuals to better reach their goals.  That tool is a vision board.  A vision board is a poster where you post your goals or dreams.  You can post words or images.  By seeing your goals every day, they are always going to be on your mind.  This allows your mind to keep processing ways to make these goals a reality in your life.  The daily reminder of your dreams is a powerful